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Flex by Filofax

write ● sketch ● plan ● create

Flex by Filofax offers stunning leather and leather-look covers with refillable notebooks and optional accessories. There are more than a million ways to make the Flex your own. Flex notebooks are designed to fit both left and right hand use. Filofax's dual function Flex cases keep your iPad stylishly protected while giving quick access to your paper notes.

Sleek and professional, covers hold one or more notebooks and jot pads. Five sizes and several covers offer you the perfect match to your needs. Available in Pocket, Slim, A5, A5 iPad, A4 sizes. 

The name Flex refers to the flexibility of the covers and the millions of ways they can be set up. Flex by Filofax is much more than a notebook.


With understated style, the Flex by Filofax Cover features a unique structure and arrangement of pockets allowing you to slot in your choice of Notebooks and Jot Pads and more. Designed to fall open flat, the Flex Cover includes a Notebook and Jot Pad on cream coloured paper with grey print.


Flex is your perfect fashion accessory even for men. Flex iPad cases carry an iPad while giving quick access to your paper notes.

 The beautiful colours and materials result in style and fashion. 

Perfectly pairing technology with paper. Filofax's dual function Flex cases keep your iPad stylishly protected while giving quick access to your paper notes.


Make your Flex cover work for you with our range of refills. Browse through our collection that includes refillable notebooks for note taking and sketching, plus year planners, contacts and jot pads.

Watch our video selection of Flex products and learn more:

Flex by Filofax 1.

Flex by Filofax 2.

Flex iPad cases 1.

Flex iPad cases 2.


Being environmentally responsible


Filofax's objective is to minimise any environmental impact through a progressive environmental policy covering all areas of the business.

 All of Flex by Filofax papers are sourced from mills that obtain wood related raw materials from well managed sources. Filofax is FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified company. Filofax's ongoing aim, where practicable, is to introduce new paper based products that are manufactured and managed under the umbrella of FSC or other reputable agencies. 

No restricted chemicals are used in the manufacture of Flex by Filofax products.

 All leathers used in Flex by Filofax products are a by-product of the food industry. We do not use hides from animals that have been bred specifically for leather production.


You can view Flex by Filofax products by clicking the link below or under Flex by Filofax menu. You can search, select and filter your choice to find the perfect match. We are sure that you will find the most loved solution for your needs.
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